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Mobile App Projects For Computer Science Engineers

Computer science engineers can use mobile app projects as a platform to create cutting-edge, user-focused programs that operate on smartphones and tablets. These initiatives present an opportunity to develop solutions that address the needs of numerous businesses and users due to the extensive use of mobile devices.

Project No: 1 Title: To-Do List App with Task Prioritization and Reminders

Project No: 2 Title: Expense Tracker App with Budget Management

Project No: 3 Title: Weather Forecast App with Location-based Updates

Project No: 4 Title: Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker App

Project No: 5 Title: Language Learning App with Vocabulary and Quizzes

Project No: 6 Title: E-commerce App for Online Shopping

Project No: 7 Title: News Aggregator App with Customizable Categories

Project No: 8 Title: Meditation and Relaxation App with Guided Sessions

Project No: 9 Title: Recipe Sharing App with User-Submitted Dishes

Project No: 10 Title: Personal Finance Manager App

Project No: 11 Title: Language Translation App with Voice Recognition

Project No: 12 Title: Period Tracker and Women’s Health App

Project No: 13 Title: Social Networking App with User Profiles and Posts

Project No: 14 Title: Note-taking App with Cloud Sync

Project No: 15 Title: Alarm Clock App with Customizable Alarm Tones

Project No: 16 Title: Workout and Fitness Training App

Project No: 17 Title: Digital Recipe Book App with Cooking Videos

Project No: 18 Title: Flashcard App for Educational Topics

Project No: 19 Title: Virtual Event Planning App with RSVPs

Project No: 20 Title: Language Exchange App with Video Chat

Project No: 21 Title: Personal Diary and Journal App

Project No: 22 Title: Expense Splitting App for Group Activities

Project No: 23 Title: Travel Planner App with Itinerary and Maps

Project No: 24 Title: QR Code Scanner and Generator App

Project No: 25 Title: Periodic Table Reference App for Chemistry

Project No: 26 Title: Health and Fitness Challenges App

Project No: 27 Title: Language Learning Game App for Kids

Project No: 28 Title: Virtual Pet Care and Tamagotchi-style App

Project No: 29 Title: Habit Tracker App for Goal Achievement

Project No: 30 Title: Educational Flashcard App for Kids

Project No: 31 Title: Virtual Reality Meditation App

Project No: 32 Title: Guided Yoga Practice App with Videos

Project No: 33 Title: Parking Spot Finder App for Urban Areas

Project No: 34 Title: Personal Development and Goal Setting App

Project No: 35 Title: Podcast Streaming App with Subscription Options

Project No: 36 Title: Language Learning App with Gamified Lessons

Project No: 37 Title: Mobile Resume Builder App

Project No: 38 Title: Vocabulary Builder App with Word Quizzes

Project No: 39 Title: Educational App for Learning Coding

Project No: 40 Title: Book Swap App for Bibliophiles

Project No: 41 Title: Voice Recording and Memo App

Project No: 42 Title: Virtual Reality Fitness App with Workouts

Project No: 43 Title: Virtual Shopping Mall App with AR Try-ons

Project No: 44 Title: Countdown App for Special Occasions

Project No: 45 Title: Digital Comic Book Reader App

Project No: 46 Title: Food Delivery App with Restaurant Listings

Project No: 47 Title: Pet Adoption App with Animal Profiles

Project No: 48 Title: Language Learning App with Cultural Insights

Project No: 49 Title: Travel Guide App with Local Recommendations

Project No: 50 Title: Budget Travel Planner App

Project No: 51 Title: Home Workout App with Video Demonstrations

Project No: 52 Title: Meditation and Mindfulness App with Guided Sessions

Project No: 53 Title: Nutrition and Meal Planning App

Project No: 54 Title: Virtual Reality Museum Tour App

Project No: 55 Title: Period Tracker App with Health Insights

Project No: 56 Title: Job Search and Career Development App

Project No: 57 Title: Language Learning App for Travel Phrases

Project No: 58 Title: Virtual Reality Language Immersion App

Project No: 59 Title: Online Tutoring App for Students

Project No: 60 Title: Art Gallery App with Virtual Exhibits

Project No: 61 Title: Personal Budgeting and Expense Tracking App

Project No: 62 Title: Home Improvement Project Planner App

Project No: 63 Title: Event Ticket Booking and Management App

Project No: 64 Title: Relaxing Soundscapes and White Noise App

Project No: 65 Title: Shopping List and Grocery Delivery App

Project No: 66 Title: Virtual Reality Astronomy App

Project No: 67 Title: Virtual Museum App with Historical Artifacts

Project No: 68 Title: Online Recipe Sharing and Cooking Community App

Project No: 69 Title: Task and Project Management App

Project No: 70 Title: Language Learning App for Kids with Interactive Games

Project No: 71 Title: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills App

Project No: 72 Title: Daily Horoscope and Astrology App

Project No: 73 Title: Travel Itinerary and Trip Planning App

Project No: 74 Title: Home Cleaning and Organization App

Project No: 75 Title: Time Zone Converter and World Clock App

Project No: 76 Title: Virtual Reality Historical Reenactment App

Project No: 77 Title: Financial Investment and Stock Trading App

Project No: 78 Title: Virtual Reality Language Practice App

Project No: 79 Title: Periodic Table Reference App for Students

Project No: 80 Title: Custom Workout Generator App

Project No: 81 Title: Interactive Storytelling App with User Choices

Project No: 82 Title: Mind Mapping and Brainstorming App

Project No: 83 Title: Virtual Reality Art Gallery App

Project No: 84 Title: Dog Walking and Pet Care App

Project No: 85 Title: Study Group and Tutoring App

Project No: 86 Title: Virtual Reality Historic Site Exploration App

Project No: 87 Title: Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation App

Project No: 88 Title: Travel Budgeting and Expense Tracking App

Project No: 89 Title: Virtual Reality Language Learning App

Project No: 90 Title: Fashion Styling and Outfit Planner App

Project No: 91 Title: Interior Design and Home Decor App

Project No: 92 Title: Public Transport and Route Planning App

Project No: 93 Title: Virtual Reality Wildlife Encounters App

Project No: 94 Title: Foreign Language Slang and Idioms App

Project No: 95 Title: DIY Crafts and Projects App

Project No: 96 Title: Virtual Reality Historical Artifact App

Project No: 97 Title: Self-Care and Wellness App

Project No: 98 Title: Virtual Reality Music Experience App

Project No: 99 Title: Home Renovation and DIY Projects App

Project No: 100 Title: Language Learning App with Cultural Insights

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